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Awareness Creation Officers (70 Positions) at Graduate International Organization in Tanzania

Graduate International Organization, commonly known worldwide as “graduate”. The Graduate International Organization was founded in 1992, for the purpose of implementing  volunteer service-learning and community development programs that benefit the volunteer participants and positively impact the communities they serve. 
GIO is an international volunteer service-learning and community development organization 
that taps into the talents and generosity of its volunteer participants from high schools, colleges  and universities, staff, partners and advisors, both in the developed and developing world. 

GIO’s programs are grounded in a philosophy that the personal lives and activities of people  around the world are increasingly intertwined. It is important that we understand the  interrelatedness of our individual actions and the effect they have on health, social well-being, poverty, human rights, transparency, and environmental stability worldwide. We are all responsible for the health of the world. 

GIO is has its headquarter in New Jersey, United States of America, and is operating in 31 
coutries in Africa, Asia, America and Europe. GIO has over 250 staffs worldwide, about 80% of all staffs being from local staffs. GIO utilizes local volunteers in projects implemention. This has rendered great achievement for all our projects for over last 20 years, since locals understand their people’s culture and environment well. 

Building a well and vast informed community through intellectuals among the community 

Competence and network building through volunteering to change the world into a better place 
socio-economically, politically, environmentally, technologically and legal aspects. 

II. Youth Awareness Program-Tanzania 
Youth Awareness Program (YAP-Tanzania), is a two years project sponsored by Norway, Japan 
and United States of America Youth Empowerment Program aiming in creating awareness 
among the youth in Tanzania and general population as a whole. The project is designed to 
address issues like, Awareness on Corruption, Human Rights, Drug Abuse and Sexual Abuse,  
Awareness on Human Trafficking, Awareness on Gambling, Awareness on Constitution and Democracy. YAP-Tanzania constitutes various activities including Youth Trainings and workshops, Public Awareness Campaigns, Youth Public Forums, Integrating Media and Reality Tv shows, and finally is youth mobilization and sensitization. General project objective is Creating a competent, confident and a well-informed youth population on the current challenges facing Tanzania and the world at large. 

Volunteer Jobs/Title: Awareness Creation Officers 
Vacancy/ Opportunities: 70 Positions 
Department: Programmes 
Reporting to: Field Project Supervisor and Field Project Manager 

Responsibilities, Duties and Tasks 
· Mobilizing and sensitizing community on the YAP-Tanzania project goals and objectives 
· Facilitating of the pre and post YAP surveys in the target areas. 
· Organizing and facilitating local documentation and dissemination of YAP survey 
findings and good practices to local stakeholders. 
· Facilitating mobilization, training/workshops and running of community awareness 
activities in their assigned areas. 
· Facilitating dialogue among the community local leadership, government, and other 
· Facilitating and supporting the community in linking up with the established local SMS 
based platform disseminating youth awareness messages and information 
· Ensure smooth collaboration with vernacular radio station for dissemination of whether 
forecast information and education of youth population in the target area 
· Facilitate establishment of 2 youth led mobile public theatres for integrating youth 
awareness in drug abuse, corruption, human rights, e.t.c 
· Conduct mobilization and formation of community groups for trainings 
· Facilitate the various groups trainings and the follow up with mentoring and support 
with relevant livelihoods inputs 
· Undertake regular field monitoring of project interventions 
· Develop and submit progress reports on timely manner and as per the donor agreement. 
· Any other duties that may be allocated to him or her by the Project Field Supervisor. 
· Must be a graduate from high school, Certificate, Diploma or Degree level in the 
following areas of expertise namely community development, sociology, rural planning 
and development, education, business administration, marketing, procurement, mass 
communication or journalism, public relation, social well fare, project planning and 
· Form six applicants must have experience in various social works and must have 
attended capacity building trainings or workshops on social issues. 
· Age Eligibility and Limitation: all applicants must be 18 years of age to 35 years only. 
Applicants who are older than the stipulated time can not apply. 
· Must be flexible to work anywhere in Katavi, Simiyu, Dar es salaam, Arusha,Tanga 
Morogoro, Mwanza, Shinyanga, Lindi, Geita, Pemba, Unguja , Pwani, Zanzibar na Mara. 
· Must be willing to apply and enroll in Training of Trainers Session conducted by TOT 
Experts and Consultancy Group, after being accepted to volunteer under Graduate 
International Organization. 
· You must not be under full time employment when applying, because time 
appropriation might hinder our projects’ success. 
· Applicants with talents (art, music, football and netball) will be added advantage 
· Applicants must be innovative and creative. 
· Proven organizational, analytical, negotiating, communication (oral and written) and 
training skills 
· Knowledge of local language and sensitivity to culture is very necessary. 
· Community mobilization and sensitization skills 
· Team player skills, 
· Inter-personal skills 
· Leadership skills 
· Communication skills. 
· Problem solving skills 
· Computer Skills 

III. Salary and Other Packages
Graduate International is only interested to work with volunteers who are eager to learn new 
things and share with the communities what they know towards creating a better and healthy 
community around them. Volunteers who can devote their time without asking something of 
monetary value in return. 
Our organization do not pay salary to the volunteers of any kind, But on the other hand our 
organization only provides financial assistance to volunteers who are completely not employed, 
referring to volunteers who devote most of their time doing the organization’s field and office 
Hence Graduate international will provide the following to support unemployed volunteers 
· Breakfast,Lunch and Dinner/per diem: Tsh 20,000/= per day, paid on monthly basis 
· Communication for field work: Tsh 5000/=per day, paid on weekly basis 
· Accomodation when doing field work away from home: 20,000/= for district fields, and 
30,000/= for Cities (Arusha, Mwanza, Dar es salaam and Mbeya), per day, paid on 
weekly basis 
· Transportation ( Within the city or district): Tshs 5000/= per day, paid on weekly basis 
· The organization will provide transport for long distance travel for field work or other 
office duties as per logistic 
YAP-Tanzania Volunteers Long Term Benefits 
· Employment opportunities after six months of volunteerism for volunteers who proves 
their ability in innovation, hard-working and good learners. 
· Exposing graduates to the real professional world by meeting with different people and 
potential organizations in the local and international job market 
· Certificate of volunteering and official recommendation 

IV. How to Apply 
Application Deadline: 31 December, 2013 Application Opening: 30 October,2013 
Recruitment Procedure
Desk evaluation of applications/CVs and call for TOT Training Application: November and 
Volunteers TOT Training Workshop: January 
Project Commencement: January 2014 

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